Women in California no longer need to go a doctor for birth control

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On Friday, California became just the third state in the country to allow women to access birth control without a prescription from a doctor.


Now, a pharmacist can prescribe several forms of contraception directly to women, thanks to the implementation of a law passed in 2013. It's not a direct over-the-counter process, though, according to the San Jose Mercury News:

Among other requirements, a pharmacist must ask a patient to complete a health questionnaire, and then consult with the patient about the most appropriate form of birth control. In some cases, the pharmacist must take the patient's blood pressure.

One group that isn't too happy about the new law? Doctors. The Los Angeles Times reported that at least 73% of doctors in a recent survey said that pharmacists shouldn't be allowed to prescribe birth control.

Oregon and Washington are the only other states to allow women such liberalized access to contraceptives. Several additional states have proposed similar legislation.