Warner Bros.

Despite the fact that her name doesn't appear in the title, it appears as if one of the biggest reasons that people are legitimately excited to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one Diana Prince, leader of the Amazons and Wonder Woman to the Justice League.

Over the weekend, Fandango saw record-breaking sales for opening weekend tickets to Batman v Superman, blowing past every other superhero movie's sales for the site. Taking advantage of the record amount of sales and traffic the site saw, Fandango polled its customers about just what about this film had them so eager to see it despite middling to bad reviews from critics.

88% of respondents explained that they were excited to finally see Wonder Woman in her first cinematic adaptation. For comparison, at this point Superman has seven individual films to his name while Batman has eight. It's not exactly hard to see why people are pumped to see Wonder Woman kicking ass alongside Batman and Superman. Not only does she look cool as hell, she even has a ridiculously badass theme song:

Aside from the popular '70s television series starring Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman's live-action adaptations have been few and far between other than a failed campy series from the '60s and a 2011 gritty reboot that never made it to air.


While Batman v Superman may not live up to all of the hype, at the very least, Warner Bros. can rest assured that people will still probably line up around the block when Wonder Woman's solo film hits theaters next year.