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People are, on the whole, extremely dumb. I am aggressively dumb almost constantly, a fact that many of my coworkers would be happy to point out. But the vast majority of the population, despite an undercurrent of dumbness, has a general streak of common sense that keeps them from doing catastrophically stupid things so often that they become known for it for the rest of their lives.

This is not a blog about most people, however. This is a blog about Jacob Wohl.

Wohl’s latest project, apparently, is a documentary on Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, which he produced with fellow galaxy-brain provocateur Laura Loomer and a “security team” that included a couple dudes who wore Crocs in Minneapolis during a snowstorm. The general gist of Wohl’s documentary, it seems, was that Omar was a scary Muslim and that Minneapolis was dangerous for weedy right-wing dweebjobs. To prove this point, Wohl included screenshots of threats he received on the Twitter. There were, unfortunately, a few problems with that piece of evidence, which were quickly spotted by Tony Webster (an actual journalist from Minneapolis).


Wohl, of course, was banned from Twitter last month after he admitted in a USA Today interview to creating fake accounts on the site in order to influence the 2020 Democratic primaries. One of those accounts, according to NBC News’s Ben Collins, was @DrakeHomes612, the same account that sent the “threat” Wohl references in his film. Wohl also apparently filed a police report over this, which, since it would appear to be fake as shit, could be a crime.

In a simpler time like maybe two years ago, I would be able to post a blog like this with a pithy kicker noting that this is the dumbest thing I will see all day. But now, who knows! If there’s one rule with the Wohls of the world, it’s that they can always get dumber.


Update, 1:20 p.m. ET: A emailed tip pointed out the PO box address listed on the police report Wohl filed is the same as the one listed for Gavin McInnes’ lawyer, G. Baron Coleman, on McInnes’ recent suit against the Southern Poverty Law Center, except the first two digits of the zip code are reversed. Great stuff!

Screenshot: U.S. District Court, Middle District of Alabama

And the arrest report (also linked in Webster’s tweet above):

Screenshot: Minneapolis Police Department

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