Would you pay $4 million for the bed of celebrities from Kanye's 'Famous' video?

Getty Images for Kanye West

UPDATE: Bad news, Yeezus fans. The Blum & Poe gallery has confirmed that the sculpture is not actually for sale. (Maybe one day!)

Tired of sleeping alone? You can own a bed full of famous people if you have $4 million to spare.


The sculpture from Kanye West's "Famous" video which includes Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Ray J, Donald Trump, Anna Wintour, Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby, Amber Rose, Chris Brown, George Bush, and Kanye himself all sound asleep in one huge bed, is on sale at the Blum & Poe in Los Angeles, where the rapper held a private viewing last weekend. The gallery's co-founder Tim Blum told The New York Times that the price was a "good ballpark." LA artist Aaron Axelrod noted that the entire piece took "$500,000 to a million just to make."

Kim Kardashian attends Famous by Kanye West, a private exhibition event at Blum And Poe.
Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Kanye West
Kendall Jenner (C) attends Famous by Kanye West a private exhibition event at Blum And Poe.
Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Kanye West

The question for whoever buys this piece of art is what room to display it in. The bedroom? Creepy. The living room? A little less creepy.


The sculpture was built by members of DONDA (Kanye's creative collective) over a period of four months. Each body was hand-sculpted, contains a head full of human hair, and actually breathes (well, with batteries). And if you can't cough up the cash for the hefty price tag, the "Famous" sculpture will soon pop-up at a new location.

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