Wrecking Ball Blink 182 Mashup... Ugh We Have to Share

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Look, this is our last Wrecking Ball post of the day. We swear. We’re only posting it because our editor told us we had to it doesn’t suck.


I know, I know. Wrecking Ball was supposed to be over a month ago. But like Two and a Half Men and the phone book, some things just refuse to die. We blame this on you, Internet.

Anyway, here’s a mashup of Blink 182’s “What’s My Age Again?” and Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” (mentioned in order of musical superiority). Presented by TimGMashups, it’s actually pretty good, which is basically the highest compliment you can give anything associated with “Wrecking Ball” these days.


We're actually surprised there haven't been more "Wrecking Ball" mashups, but alas here we are. And there you go. A nice little flashback to the '90s, combined in video and song, with our current penchant to take anything we joke about online and beat it to death.

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