WTF 'Work Bitch' Britney Product Placement


Britney Spears. Icon of my teens, popstrel of my twenties. Pigtail wearing, snake-touting hottie with the self-transformation ability of Superman. Britney, what’s going on girl?

She just released the video to brand new single Work Bitch. Musically, it’s her usual pop fodder with a dash of EDM, and lyrically, it’s about empowerment with her own brand of sass. To quote, “Want a Maserati? You better to get to work bitch!” is right up my street. Aspirational, powerful, encouraging women to go and earn that shit, all of those sentiments that I like, and are a great fit for her fans. But what’s the deal with all the product placement in her video?


Work Bitch hit YouTube this week, and has already racked up over 1.8 million hits. Great for Britney.. and great for Dre Beats, Planet Hollywood and Maserati.

Seriously, it was like watching a slow homage to her various brands.

WTF Britney?

This isn’t the first time Britney has used her videos to advertise products. In fact, she could almost be known for it.


But what’s the deal with all the product placement in her video? Quite apart from the fact that she’s channeling Xena Warrior Princess crossed with a bastardized version of Anastasia Steele.. but that’s another story.



It’s one thing when Brit is teaming up with Pepsi to promote their shizzle for an advert, but selling all this stuff to a legion of loyal fans? Not cool.

Here’s a rundown of what she’s trying to sell you:

Each item has been given a sellout rating.


Britney Spears Fantasy Twist perfume

This is the pre-roll ad that starts before the music video, as part of Vevo. At first it appears to be part of the video as it has music, Britney in multiple wigs and a glossy cool feel to it. It ends with flogging a perfume, which considering you’re watching a Britney video is semi-acceptable. A different bottle -which looked like Britney Spears Fantasy -goes on to make multiple appearances in the video, proudly standing on her dressing table, peeking coyly in the background, making sure we all subliminally want to go out and douse ourselves in black cherry and vanilla. OK, other notes are white chocolate and cupcake accord, to be fair. Or not. We’re already watching the video Britney, so you know we’re sold on you, please don’t sell your smell too.


Sellout Rating: 5/10


Planet Hollywood

The Planet Hollywood sign makes numerous appearances in the building. Slightly confusing as well, considering this was filmed in Vegas, but hey. The hook here is that Spears is hosting a 2 year show with them, and chose her video to hawk it. Sure, the video was filmed here and yes she’s appearing there.. but really? We need to see the logo FOUR whole times? C’mon Britney.


Sellout Rating: 7/10 (she gets three points as it’s directly related to her.)


Dre Beats Pill Speaker

This speaker makes an appearance as a faux ball gag, when Britney goes all S&M on a subservient leather clad hottie. The logo is huge and gratuitous and the context is uncomfortable, as the mix of consumerism, fetishism and product placement leave an icky taste in my mouth. She’s featured the same product before in the “Scream and Shout” video.


Sellout rating: 12/10

We expected better of you Brit.


The video features multiple appearances of these cars. However, they ARE being mentioned in her song (unlike Planet Hollywood) and when the cars are on screen there are no obvious logos, just the styling (maybe they wouldn’t pay enough?). It honestly feels like they were just used as very expensive props rather than product placements.


Sellout rating: 1/10

Oh and just for giggles, great timing with a government shutdown, huh? You go to work, bitch. No, you. Oh you can’t? Well, I’m sure there’s a Planet Hollywood out there you can’t afford.


A rough-timed rundown of product mentions in her video:

  • 0.11 Britney Spears perfume bottle on dressing table
  • 0.13 Car
  • 0.19 Perfume bottle again
  • 0.28 Perfume bottle
  • 0.53. Perfume
  • 1.09 Car
  • 1.42 Car
  • 1.48 Car white/or silver
  • 2.07 Planet Hollywood sign
  • 2.08 Dre Beats Pill Speakers
  • 2.12 beats again
  • 2.13 Sharks (not advertising, I just like sharks O.K.?)
  • 2.36 Planet Hollywood sign
  • 2.45 Planet Hollywood sign
  • 2.52 Planet Hollywood sign

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