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From Politico today (emphasis mine throughout):

Sarah Isgur, who served as the Justice Department’s leading spokeswoman under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is joining [CNN] as a political editor next month, where she will coordinate political coverage for the 2020 campaign.

Uh...but maybe she used to be a big-time journalist, so it would make sense that she would be in a major journalistic role?

While it is common for departing administration officials to join cable news networks as analysts or contributors, it is less common for them to oversee news coverage. Isgur has no experience in news but a long history as a political operative, most recently with the Trump administration and the [Carly] Fiorina campaign.


Oh...but maybe she’s got a history of thoughtful approaches to the day’s news?



Maybe our major cable news networks, especially the ones that ostensibly are there to provide “straight” news coverage, should not be hiring hardcore political operatives—of any stripe—to participate in news coverage? Just a thought.


We’ve reached out to Isgur and CNN for comment and will update this if we hear back.

Update, 9:51 p.m. ET: A CNN spokesperson told Splinter that Isgur “is not leading, overseeing, or running CNN’s political coverage,” adding, “She is helping to coordinate coverage across TV and Digital – she is one of several editors.”


Rafi Schwartz contributed reporting.