Wyoming Secretary of State Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Teenager

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Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray has been accused of violently sexually assaulting a teenager at a Cheyenne law firm in 1982.


Murray has denied the allegations made earlier this week on social media by Tatiana Maxwell, who claimed that she’d been attacked while working as an intern at the firm.

“We were sitting in the receptionist’s area of the law office which was had once been a home so I recall that this was the former living room,” Maxwell wrote on Facebook. “Ed and I had never gone out, hadn’t really talked much or knew each other well so when the talk quickly came to how attracted he was to me and he started putting his hands on me and tried to kiss me I was completely uncomfortable.”

She continued (warning: the following is disturbing):

I was a virgin and had never had sex with a man and I told Eddie so. I think that, and the fact that I struggled and wouldn’t let him unbutton my pants kept it from going further. What did happen is that Ed wrestled me down to the carpet in front of the receptionist desk, opened his pants, lifted up my blouse and ejaculated on my stomach. I was disgusted and horrified. One of the unforgettable memories was of him handing me the box of Kleenex from the receptionist’s desk to clean myself up after after he was finished. I cleaned up and got out as quickly as I could, Eddie apologizing for getting so excited but couching it in terms suggesting I “was just too attractive to resist”.

According to Maxwell, she never told authorities or her parents for fear of losing her job at the law firm. But she said Murray eventually reached out to her at the wedding of a mutual friend years later.

“He wanted to apologize for what had happened almost a decade before,” Maxwell said. “But, again, he couched it in terms that I was irresistible and he couldn’t control himself.”


Murray–considered a serious contender for the Republican nomination for Wyoming governor in next year’s election—denied the allegations in a statement to the Casper Star-Tribune:


“This baseless claim about an encounter from thirty-five years ago is unequivocally false,” Murray said. “There is no basis to this falsehood whatsoever and it is deeply hurtful to me and to my family, as well as to everyone I serve.”

Murray’s statement also acknowledged the wave of sexual misconduct accusations that have swept across the United States in the months following the allegations made against Harvey Weinstein.

I struggle to understand what would motivate someone to make this kind of accusation. But considering that this statement was made in the context of the #metoo movement, I want to take this moment to acknowledge the overall importance of this conversation, as well as to reaffirm my commitment to being an ally for women.


Maxwell said she was prompted to make public her allegations after discussing the #MeToo movement with her daughters, who asked their mother if she had experienced any assault or harassment.

“I couldn’t respond to her that it’s a complicated thing because I don’t want that to be her answer,” Maxwell told the Star-Tribune. “It’s not complicated thing. It’s black and white.”

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