Yeah, Pave Over the Golf Courses

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Hong Kong, like many major cities across the world, has a severe housing shortage, and a lack of buildable land. Hong Kong also has some big ass expensive golf courses. This is how great ideas are born!!!


You may be asking yourself: “By god, are there some pissed off Hong Kong residents clamoring to repossess the god damn golf courses and build desperately needed housing on them?” Yes there are! The New York Times reports that activist groups are agitating for the Hong Kong government to build public housing atop what is now an extremely exclusive course boasting 54 holes of golf—subsidized at great expense by the government! The land is big enough to house 37,000 people! What possible reasons could you have not to get rid of this awful elitist waste of precious land?

“We are lacking in golf facilities severely,” said Arnold Wong, 44, the previous captain of the Hong Kong Golf Club, an elected position in which he represented its members...

“In terms of golf facilities, we are already lagging way behind as a major financial city,” he said.

The bonus in getting rid of the golf courses is you get rid of the golfers too.