Yeah You'll Be Okay Man

Last night, moist establishmentarian Jon Chait got viciously BOFA’d on Twitter, to the delight of millions. But let’s not allow the perfection of that burn to completely distract us from the remarkable weaksauceness of Chait’s decision to tweet at all—which should not go unchallenged in a civilized society.


I guess there’s a tiny little cut there, yeah.

Okay. Thanks for letting the entire world know. On July 15, 2011, Pawel Wolak had a boxing match with Delvin Rodriguez. Wolak, who lost, fought all twelve rounds, despite pronounced swelling around his eye that began by the fourth round and reached monstrous proportions by the seventh round. Wolak looked like this even as he voluntarily headed out of his corner for more rounds of being punched in the face:

Photo: Twitter

He did not ask for medical advice on Twitter afterwards but everyone is different.

Jonathan Chait’s eye will be okay but the burn marks may never fully heal.

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