Jane Krakowski has proved to be a perfect muse for Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. She currently plays Jacqueline Voorhees, a neurotic, self-centered socialite, on Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. On 30 Rock, she co-starred as Jenna Maroney, a neurotic, self-centered actress. But as we've discovered, these two characters actually have even more in common than the very funny woman who embodies them.


On Kimmy Schmidt, Jacqueline hires the title character (Ellie Kemper) as a masseuse for her lap dog Abattoir — a Shih Tzu, we're guessing — who doesn't poop. His anus is "purely decorative," Jacqueline explains.


Now, think back to 2013 and the 30 Rock finale. Jenna steps off the plane at LAX with dreams of pursuing a movie career, but is horrified to discover that literally every woman in Los Angeles is young and stunning. When she encounters an airline employee played by a brunette Cerie (Katrina Bowden), she hands off her dog and heads right back to the East Coast.

You might remember this scene, but you probably don't remember the tiny, distinctly familiar pup in Jenna's arms.

That's right: unless we're all the unwitting victims of a canine Talented Mr. Ripley plot, Jane Krakowski's dog on Kimmy Schmidt was also Jane Krakowski's dog on 30 Rock. Life is beautiful.

Dog collage
NBC, Netflix

Who is this adorable dog? What's his (or her) story? Is he a professional dog actor, or does she belong to someone in the cast or crew? We're dying to find out, so we've reached out to Netflix for comment. We'll update this post when we hear back.


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