Buzz Aldrin is great. He's a national hero, he's a social media whiz, he did a guest-spot on 30 Rock, and he doesn't cotton to anyone's conspiracy theories about the moon landing one bit.

Aldrin recently "won the internet" when he participated in the hashtag #tbt and posted the travel voucher NASA made him fill out when he went to the moon on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Good ol' Standard Form 1012-A. Also, only $33.31, an absolute steal for actually making history.

As if the humorous level of bureaucracy was not enough, Aldrin revealed a couple days later that yes, he did have to submit forms to U.S. Customs after returning from the moon.


He declared that he was carrying "Moon rock and Moon dust samples" and he was very lucky to avoid bringing back any moon-based contagions.

May Buzz Aldrin's self-doxxing continue in perpetuity.

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