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Don't adjust your signal. The news is not playing on a loop. It's just that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump keeps getting accused of sexual assault by a women from his past.

This time, it's Ninni Laaksonen, a former Miss Finland, who told the Finnish tabloid Ilta Sanomat that Donald Trump groped her in 2006 during a photo op in New York City. At the time, Laaksonen was representing Finland in Trump’s Miss Universe pageant and had been asked to pose with Trump in a promotional picture for an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. Laaksonen appeared on the program along with Trump and three other Miss Universe contestants.

“Before the show we"—Trump and the other contestants—"were photographed outside the building,” Laakson recounted to Ilta Sanomat. “Trump stood right next to me and suddenly he squeezed my butt. He really grabbed my butt. I don’t think anybody saw it but I flinched and thought: ‘What is happening?’”

Laaksonen also recalled being told by another person that Trump had taken a liking to her because she “looked like Melania when she was younger”—referring to Trump's wife.

“It left me disgusted,” she said looking back on the incident.

Trump has now been accused of sexual assault or misconduct by at least 14 other women. The allegations range from attempted rape, to unwanted groping, to intentionally walking into dressing room full underaged women. Trump has also been caught on video boasting of assaulting.


With 11 days left until the presidential election, it remains to be seen if any more women will come out and accuse the man selected by the Republican Party to be the President of the United States of sexual assault.

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