'You ain't no Muslim bruv!' is the hashtag of the weekend

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It's the cry heard 'round the world: "You ain't no Muslim, bruv!"

That's what an onlooker said in a London Underground station as police arrested a knife-wielding man who was attacking passengers while shouting, "This is for Syria." (Britain began bombing Syria this week.)

The phrase soon rocketed around the internet as others delineated, once more, the difference between Islam and an angry person with a knife.



OMG FINALLY!best.trend.everrr.#YouAintNoMuslimBruv pic.twitter.com/CyfQA3SIxm

— Ayesha (@biryaniisbae) December 6, 2015

It is yet another example of the way in which Muslims have clarified, in case anybody missed it the first million times, that they are against violence and terrorism—rather like virtually all human beings on the planet.

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