You can now buy 'Netflix and Chill' branded condoms

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UPDATE: After this article published Fusion received an email correspondence from someone representing, who informed us that he and his associates were actually first to this concept. So, lucky readers, please be aware that you can purchase “Netflix and Chill” branded condoms from multiple vendors. In other words, the meme is now officially dead.

"Netflix and Chill" is now well established as a young person's euphemism for sex. But just in case you had any doubt about what it means, a young man in Austin, Texas has removed all remaining shreds of ambiguity from the phrase. Enter: Netflix and Chill-branded condoms.


Yes, what began as a viral catchphrase online may soon be used to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections IRL—thanks to Yousef Okasheh, a longtime lover of the meme and recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.


Okasheh, 23, told me the idea to create the condoms came to him "like two days ago," when a friend showed him a website that allows customers to print original designs on condom wrappers.

"I saw a couple memes have been floating around, and I was like, 'Oh my God, I think it would be hilarious to quickly sell [condoms]," Okasheh told me over the phone. "I sent the meme to my friend, and he was like, 'Check it out, make your own style!' and sent me to the website."

In just a couple days, Okasheh and his condom colleague, a design senior at UT, designed the logo, set up a website, and thusly joined the ever-expanding business of marketing and selling internet memes for cash. The site, which launched yesterday, advertises Okasheh's creation as "the definitive Netflix and Chill Condom" and includes a pretty enticing product description:

"I mean just look at this fkin condom m8, guaranteed if you whip one of these honeys out and you're actually at a netflix and chill outing with your partner, you're gonna get laid. With a functional 3D-printed steel frame and a built-in cable lock and lighting, the NF and Chill condom is the only condom you'll need to be a douchebag millenial."


Okasheh clarified that he isn't exactly in this for the money, or with the intention of rallying for safer sex, although he did assure me that the condoms are FDA approved, lubricated, and have a 4-to-5-year shelf life. Like all great capitalists, Okasheh simply saw an opportunity for an easy 15 minutes of internet fame and seized it.

"I saw this meme and thought this was the funniest thing ever and thought someone would buy it," Okasheh said. "It honestly just fell into my lap."


Okasheh said he's only kind of worried about running into branding issues with Netflix, if his plan works and his condoms do go *cymbal crash* viral. "I'm not too concerned," he told me. "I have like $900 to my name so I don't think they could sue me for too much. I suppose they could sue me for the profit." Basically, he'll cross that bridge if he comes to it.

For now, Okasheh's just kicking back, relaxing, and hoping for sweet, sweet web virality. With weekly shipments of Netflix and Chill condoms going out on Fridays as orders roll in, he only plans on spending a few hours a week catering to his latest business development. Okasheh said he's "been doing random entrepreneur stuff" in his spare time for a while now, and is using a lean startup model, "where you basically don't buy any [condoms] until people order them." He added that he definitely wants to keep some for himself, as well.


"I just think it would be infinitely hilarious if you literally Netflix and Chill with your girl and whip that out," he said.

At $12 for a pack of three, Okasheh's Netflix and Chill condoms are a bit pricier than your average pack of Trojans, and they don't come in multiple sizes or have any extra perks like ribbing or reservoir tips. But can one really put a price on an artifact of meme history?


Hannah Smothers is a reporter for Fusion's Sex & Life section, a Texpat, and a former homecoming princess.