You Can Now Get a Gender Neutral Driver's License in DC

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Yesterday, Washington, DC, gave out its first driver’s licenses that provide a non-binary gender option for the city’s residents.


Instead of having to select “M” or “F” under “sex,” people living in DC can now opt to have a simple “X.”

According to a report from Metro Weekly, DC is now the only place in the nation that doesn’t require third party verification (like a signature from a legal representative or medical provider) in order to receive a non-binary license.

Oregon has also made moves to allow gender expansive options on identity documents. In March, a Portland resident was granted “agender” status by a state judge.

California is also expected to start offering a non-binary gender option on official state documents, like birth certificates, soon. This past spring, lawmakers in the Golden State sent a bill to the state Assembly that would allow for the new gender option.

Staff writer, The Root.