You can now watch Tommy Wiseau's sitcom followup to 'The Room' on Hulu Plus

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This is not a drill. We repeat: THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Tortured genius slash possible vampire Tommy Wiseau is back, and better (worse?) than ever: his long-awaited followup to The Room, a sitcom called The Neighbors, has surfaced on Hulu Plus.


In case you've managed to live this much of your life without ever having seen The Room, the baffling cult masterpiece is much, much funnier than any movie that intends to be funny could ever be. The film's non-stop non sequiturs have made it a favorite of midnight screenings, and it even inspired a memoir by costar Greg Sestero, which James Franco and Seth Rogen plan to adapt into a movie.

The notoriously cranky auteur screened the The Neighbors pilot, shot in 2004, at Manhattan's Landmark Sunshine Cinema last September. It received exactly the reception you'd expect. Wiseau stars (of course he stars, of course he does) as the spiky-haired manager of an apartment building and also as another guy, in a different wig, who resides there. We've only watched that first episode so far, but it's full of overlapping, unintelligible dialogue and storylines that couldn't be explained even by the loopiest fever-dream logic. Fans of The Room will not be disappointed.


You can watch four episodes — three of which, as far we know, have never been seen by the public before — in their entirety on Hulu Plus. Congratulations: your weekend just planned itself.

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