You Guys I Think Some Cops Might Discriminate Against Black People

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Hot little scoop here for ya: sometimes police might behave worse towards black people than they do towards white people.

I know I know I’m as stunned as you are. But it looks like it could be true!

A new study flagged by CNN today floats the mind-blowing theory that cops don’t always treat black people and white people equally:

A new study suggests that police officers in Oakland, California, are more likely to speak to white community members with a higher level of respect than black community members. The study, which published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday, used police body camera footage as data.

More research is needed to determine whether this racial disparity in language occurs in other communities across the US but Rob Voigt, lead author of the study, said that it’s worth investigating.


This sounds about right. Let’s keep doing the research, and someday, maybe, we’ll be able to figure out whether or not our criminal justice system might be, I dunno, racist?

Deputy Editor, Splinter

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