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New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned Monday night after the New Yorker published accusations from four women that Schneiderman physically abused them.

On Tuesday, Zephyr Teachout‚ÄĒan activist and law professor who ran for New York governor against Andrew Cuomo in 2014‚ÄĒsaid on Twitter that she is ‚Äúseriously considering‚ÄĚ running for Schneiderman‚Äôs former job:

Even before that, CNN political commentator Chris Cillizza, who makes more money than I ever will, tweeted this titillating thought-scoop:

Wow. Just think about that for a second. Hillary..... Clinton. Hillary? Clinton. HiLLARy ClINton. Ever heard of her????


Being a political pundit is the easiest job in the world, so long as you have the requisite institutional privilege and an ability to trick people into thinking you’re smart. The formula is simple: [X news event of the day] * [Hillary Clinton] = [stultifying cable news commentary]. You could do it too!

With such a strong Fourth Estate, it’s no wonder our democracy is thriving.