You Will Love This Mashup of Star Wars and Nintendo

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

James Farr, the animator who brought us Xombie, blesses us with this animated mashup parody of Star Wars featuring your favorite collection of Nintendo characters.

What’s amazing is how seamless the casting is. Link as Luke Skywalker, Toad as R2D2, Donkey Kong as Chewbacca and, of course, Peach and Princess Leia. Even better, the video sticks to the original Star Wars: A New Hope, and none of the inadequate prequel trilogy series (no offense, but it’s true).


The end features a pretty spectacular mashup of the rebel attack of the Death Star and the one and only Star Fox. And Farr said on his website that he plans on making sequels. So enjoy and nerd out, guys.

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