You'll be able to instantly buy whatever outlandish outfit Katy Perry wears on Super Bowl Sunday

This image was removed due to legal reasons.
This image was removed due to legal reasons.

According to Yahoo! Style, singer Katy Perry and designer Jeremy Scott have linked up to create the most unsubtle — and now, the most shoppable — Super Bowl half-time performance wardrobe of our digital times.

Perry and Scott are big fans of the visual pun (think: Katy Perry's kitschy, border-line offensive nod to ancient cultures far and wide, or Jeremy Scott's kitschy, borderline gauche Barbie and McDonald's-themed runway collections for Moschino). Now the duo have developed four key pieces for the pop star to don mid-performance that eager "KatyCats" with means can purchase in real time.

Available via Delivery Agent, viewers at home with access to a Samsung Smart TV, LG TV, or Roku streaming player can click away while watching Perry's frolicking on stage. Considering Scott's kooky luxury wares for both his namesake line and Moschino are usually priced in the thousands, we have a feeling the king of (semiaffordable campy accessories (Exhibit A) will be creating more accessible, but no less outlandish, take-aways for the estimated 100 million viewers set to take in Sunday's Super Bowl. Wearable Gatorade coolers with arm holes maybe?

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