Your Handbag Strap Has a Sexual Connotation (In Japan)

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Dear women of the world, are you sick of being stared at for your legs, breasts, butt and smile? Well now there’s one more overt sexual element you can add to that list. It’s the ill-placed bag strap. In Japan, home to fetish robots, maid cafes and harajuku hotties we now have the uncomfortable sexification of what a bag strap does to your body.

Called “pai sura” or “pai slash” this term refers to the “breast slash” created when wearing a bag over your chest. Clearly a bag worn like so is the epitome of hotness in all shapes and forms. (Not really, guys.)

Lets Japan shared that a number of “breast slash” DVD’s, forums and blogs now exist. This clearly verges on the creep-tastic. Aside from the fact that handbag wearing is a normal everyday thing, many of these images are suspiciously close to secret subway snaps from pervs. I guess it’s no wonder that a number of cellphone manufacturers in Japan, including Apple, have made it impossible to mute the camera shutter noise as a bid to crack down on perv-a-razzi passengers.


What do you think of this supposed new trend?

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