Conservative Shitheads Race to Defend Teen's Right to Say the N-Word and Still Go to Harvard

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Kyle Kashuv, the Parkland shooting survivor turned right-wing, pro-gun activist, tweeted on Monday that Harvard University rescinded his admission after it widely was reported that he used racial slurs in private messages with friends earlier in his high school career.


The controversy over Kashuv’s messages got messy, as members of the right-wing online cesspool—like Jacob Wohl and Laura Loomer—helped fuel the campaign urging Harvard to revoke his admission. But throughout the shit-slinging, Kashuv did not contest the veracity of the allegations against him, but apologized for making “egregious and callous comments” when he was 16, “months prior to the shooting.” Among those offensive remarks were him repeatedly using the N-word.

Here’s some of the purported screenshots of Kashuv using slurs:

Again: He did not deny writing this. But fortunately enough for him, numerous mainstream conservative voices rallied together today to defend Kashuv’s right to scream the N-word with his classmates and still go to Harvard. Here’s brain genius Ben Shapiro:


To be fair to Shaprio, Harvard’s admissions standards are insane and cruel, but not because of the provision—which is clearly stated!—that they can revoke an offer of admission if a prospective student turns out to be fond of racial slurs. Yes, granted, a fondness for racial slurs usually does not prove a disqualifying factor, but the storied university expects them to keep that trait under wraps.

Then there was Dana Loesch, claiming that that this is actually about guns, rather than bald racism:


Here’s professional boy-who-cried-antifa Jon Levine insisting that the move constitutes Harvard bowing to the likes of Loomer and Wohl, rather than well-documented allegations of racism:


And sure, why not, Michael Tracey also got involved:


The he was just a kid defense is mystifying to me. The entire process of college admissions is an institution judging you on behavior and performance while you are still just a kid. If tanking calculus should disqualify you from attending an elite university, so too should repeatedly using racial slurs. Kashuv has a right to pursue higher education, like all Americans. He just isn’t going to be doing it at Harvard, apparently.

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